The Foundations of Our Work

Our work is grounded in the principles of partnerships, health equity, and policy, systems, and environmental change.


Partnerships held accomplish the objectives of the Cancer Plan and are critical to the overall success of comprehensive cancer control.

Partnerships consist of individuals, organizations, institutions, and communities working together to reduce the impact of cancer by identifying community needs, sharing resources, and building capacity of members.

Health Equity

Health equity ensures vulnerable populations receive the resources they need to thrive. This is achieved when every person can attain their full health potential regardless of their social position, income, education, or other socially determined circumstances.

Policy, systems, and environmental change

Policy, systems, and environmental change approaches help modify the environment to make services and healthy choices practical and available to all community members.

Policy change relates to laws, resolutions, mandates, regulations, or rules. It can encompass implementing new policies, changing old policies, or enforcing existing policies.

System change affects all levels of an organization, institution, or health system practices. These can be strategies for standard operating procedures, screening guidelines, or expansion of services.

Environmental change involves physical or material changes to the environment. This refers to addressing community infrastructure on the economic, social, or physical level to improve population health.

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Lauren Wright, DSL, MPH

Program Coordinator, Cancer Prevention and Control
WV Cancer Control Collaborative Partnership and Mountains of Hope Coalition
WVU Cancer Institute

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