WV Cancer Plan

MOH members contribute to the development of the West Virginia Cancer Plan. The current Cancer Plan for 2021-2025 provides a framework for addressing cancer in the Mountain State. It contains a set of aims for each priority area to provide a common set of objectives on which members can center their work. 

MOH and the Cancer Plan focuses on three priority areas:  prevention, early detection, and quality of life. Preventing cancer before it occurs, detecting cancer in its earliest stages, treating cancer with state-of-the-art treatment, and supporting those living with and beyond cancer are areas where we can create meaningful change. 


Prevention is any action taken to lower the risk of getting cancer. This includes maintaining a healthy lifestyle by avoiding risk factors such as smoking, obesity, lack of physical activity, and ultraviolet radiation exposure.

Prevention strategies include increasing protective factors such as eating a healthy diet, engaging in regular physical activity, maintaining a healthy weight, getting vaccinated, and using protective sunscreen.

Early Detection

Early detection is finding cancer early through regular use of screening tests. Finding cancer early allows for better outcomes with less-invasive treatments. 

Two components of early detection of cancer are early diagnosis and screening. Early diagnosis focuses on detecting symptomatic patients as early as possible, while screening consists of testing healthy individuals to identify precancerous changes.

Quality of Life

Quality of life focuses on the cancer experience from the point of diagnosis, through treatment and beyond, and until the end of life.

Quality of life also encompasses the experiences of family members, support persons, and caregivers in relation to the patient’s cancer journey. 

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